Pathfinder: Sarah Cohen, Associate University Librarian, Cal Poly’s Robert E. Kennedy Library

by Colette Hayes



I read a lot about librarians in my spare time. Two things that I have learned from this hobby? 1. librarians often have awesome, unorthodox career paths and 2. the diversity of different types of librarians and what they do is both astounding, and inspiring. When I read about different librarians, I remember that it’s quite alright to travel off the beaten path. Often, though, I forget what I’ve read, or what I’ve learned and return, all too quickly, to what I know. So, I’m going to use this blog to jog my memory from time to time. I think I’ll label these types of posts with the word “pathfinder.” Here’s one librarian whose “path” has me looking forward, and also to my past (Cal Poly is my Alma Mater): Go Sarah!