by Colette Hayes

I have to say that I’m just plain giddy about so many things this semester.  I’m starting my third term of library school, and ramping up my course load to two classes from here on out.  I’ve also enrolled in two MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) — modern poetry (through UPenn) and introduction to computer programming (through Carnegie Mellon).  I plan to write about my MOOCs in a subsequent post, but, quickly here: there’s something of the expedition-esque spirit in this new wave of open course offerings that tells me not to miss the boat at this particular point in time. Furthermore, if I am to form an opinion about this fad, trend, game changer, new landscape, or whatever it is, I feel obligated to experience it first hand.  Thirdly, I plan to help revive the digital humanities project — Beardstair — that I started working on last semester. Lots of great thinking and collaboration has happened around this project, and I know we’re ready for the next steps. Finally, I’ve been approved to spend three hours of my work week tutoring as a writing consultant at the learning and writing center on the campus where I work.  Integrating such work into my job as a library assistant (and hopefully a librarian one day) has been a long time goal of mine, and I am ecstatic to see it finally come to fruition.  I see this opportunity as my first tiny baby step into full-fledged embedded librarianship — a concept that makes me think of the mission and history of pack horse librarians — and I owe the writing center and my supervisor at the library a great deal of thanks for helping me to make this happen this semester.  It’s going to be a wild few months, but I’m ready.  See, here’s my game face (with a some crazy frames I tried on at this awesome frame store in the Mission that had hundreds and hundreds of frames to try on):